State Government Streamlining Commissions

April 26th, 2013|Blog|

STATE GOVERNMENT STREAMLINING COMMISSIONS: TEN FACTORS FOR SUCCESS  Maurice McTigue, Dan Rothschild, and Emily Washington Many of these recommendations for [...]

Rhode Island´s Local Pension Debts

April 16th, 2013|Blog|

Rhode Island’s state and municipal pension systems face large and growing unfunded pension liabilities. The governor and state treasurer have identified [...]

The Factors and Motivations of Fiscal Stability: A Comparative Analysis of 26 Countries

April 16th, 2013|Blog|

There has been a rising academic debate on the sustainability of deficit spending and accumulated debt in governments across the [...]

The crisis in public sector pension plans: a blueprint for reform in new Jersey

April 2nd, 2013|Blog|

View .pdf Pension plans operated by state governments on behalf of their employees are underfunded by an estimated [...]