About Ideas for Organizational and Management Development

IDEAS professional team is committed to developing professionally trusted advise that produces tangible results for the knowledge-age organizations of our global society.

Our consulting firm is committed to Foster


To assist private, public and non for– profit organizations in increasing their productivity and accomplishing results through a comprehensive tailored made strategic change platform that embraces good governance, transparency and accountability practices.


A premier global Consulting Firm dedicated to growth driven by excellence, quality and innovation committed to maximizing our customers successes, always living our core values.

IDEAS will be recognized as the industry leader for consulting, outreach, education and research by integrating theory and practice and consistently providing excellent services and products to our customers.



  • Deliver the highest quality of service always on time and for a fair value
  • Meet and exceed client needs and deliver measurable results
  • Respond effectively and creatively to real needs, challenges and opportunities
  • Follow through on our commitments
  • Observe the highest moral and ethical standards


  • Use a client-centered approach to ensure active involvement
  • Plan for good governance, strategic change, leadership management, competiveness and growth using a systemic and comprehensive tailored-made framework
  • Develop client skills, abilities, and attitudes and resilient practices and behaviors.


Our company has developed an effective best practice strategic change model as a tool to align organizational strategy and culture through good governance, transparency and accountability practices and management coaching development.  Our model integrates resilient competencies into the overall business development, organizational and human capital system.

World-Class Organizations are using best practices models anchored in good governance, transparency and accountability practices as pillars to drive competitiveness.  Clearly defined organizational capabilities and human resources competencies provide a blueprint for organizational strategic change efforts.

Through the understanding of the organizational core business and processes, human capital skills, knowledge and behavioral benchmarks required to meet strategic goals and objectives a strategic resilient quality culture is developed to meet the changes of the organization.

Provide consulting and technical support and conduct research projects on issues relevant to corporate governance, transparency and accountability; organizational change management development affairs and human capital.

Design and implement state of the art platforms on strategic planning, best practices, total quality management, reengineering and affirmative action planning.

Establish Continuing Education and Training Programs for organizational, executive coaching, management and human resources development.

Apply theoretical and technical expertise to implement state of the art competency based programs regarding human resources policies and practices, job evaluation and compensation systems; targeted hiring and selection techniques; performance appraisal tools and training programs.

By assessing and defining the organizational capabilities and human capital competencies strategic methodologies are built to implement state-of-the-art Good Governance, Best Practices Platforms, Leadership Coaching competency-based tools for Job Evaluation and Compensation Systems; Targeted Selection and Hiring Techniques; Performance Management Tools and Training and Development Programs. These tools are used to link strategy and culture, and to attract, motivate and retain the best people.

Deliver technical consulting for the assessment and evaluation of government and academic programs.

Assist universities, colleges, and technical schools  pursuing accreditation from certifying entities.

Assist hospitals and health related organizations to comply with Joint Commission standards through TQM.

Provide consulting and technical assistance in the preparation of annual reports, newsletters, brochures and other printed material.

Provide technical assistance to government agencies, academic institutions, foundations, and community based organizations in the preparation of grants proposals, reporting, auditing, and for monitoring findings.

Design and provide technical support in Corporate Communication and Public Relations Programs.

Our consulting team is skilled at creating tailored solutions to both our clients long term strategic problems and immediate organizational development and HR needs.  Don’t hire additional staff, we are your first choice for:

  • Organizational Assessment / Scoping Studies
  • Good Governance / Transparency  / Accountability and Resilient Capabilities Development
  • Best Practices Surveys and Coaching
  • Values Driven Human Capital Management
  • Strategic Planning  Facilitation and Coaching
  • Process Reengineering
  • Organizational Arquitecture and Job Design
  • Executive and Management Training
  • Operational Assessment / Compliance Audits
  • Workplace Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Talent Tool Practices
  • Leaderships Development
  • Employee and Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Wage and Salary Surveys
  • Job Evaluations
  • Outplacement
  • Executive Coaching
  • Relevant Training and Development Solutions
  • Corporate Communication and Public Relations Programs


Dra. Eneida Torres de Durand


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“We have worked with IDEAS for the past 25 years. As we have grown and evolved, what I have valued most about our relationship is that IDEAS know us and our business.”
Xiomara Villamil • VP Corporate Affairs, Caribbean Temporary Services
“For the past 15 years IDEAS has consistently provided valuable consulting services and learning solutions that fostered collaboration, networking and sharing that enhance our workforce contributions”.
Victoria de Jesus PhD, VP Human Resources AGMUS
“IDEAS management solutions has helped us increase productivity and minimize costs in our operations”.
William Rodríguez MHSA • Executive Director, Morovis Community Health Center


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